The Church History of Cliftondale Congregational in Saugus

Saugus Church History

In the Beginning…A Church History

Church History of Cliftondale Congregational ChurchGathered on May 7th 1888, our church held it’s first services in Clifton Hall in Cliftondale Square, known today as the Odd Fellows Building. Our church was then called the First Congregational Society of Cliftondale with Reverend Andrew W. Archibald serving as our first minister.  During the later pastorate of Rev. Stacey Fowler, plans were made for the building of a church while services 19, 1892.

During the pastorate of Rev. Clifton Mix the Ecclesiastical Society was dissolved and the church incorporated, becoming a self-governing body known as the First Congregational Church of Cliftondale. The church was raised in 1909 to provide a hall in the basement for social occasions and a Sunday School.  In 1925, during the were still being held at Church History of Cliftondale Congregational ChurchClifton Hall. Work proceeded and the building was completed in 1892. The dedication took place on December pastorate of Rev. Charles B. McDuffee it again became necessary to enlarge the church building with a new addition, which was dedicated in 1926.  Rev. McDuffee, it should be noted, served our church for 36 years, from September 1915 to September 1951.
Tragedy struck on February 10, 1935 when a fire was discovered shortly after the evening service and our church building was practically destroyed. The church quickly rallied to the task of rebuilding and on March 15, 1936 the new and present building was dedicated.

On August 7th, 1992 we were accepted into the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.   Acts 20:28 

October 27, 2016

The Shepherd We Seek at Cliftondale Congregational Church

The pastor we seek is a true disciple of Christ whose life has been forever changed by God’s Word and Holy Spirit. He has been called by God to share the words and teachings of Christ. In addition to administering baptisms and communion, and conducting weddings and funerals, he will lead us to greater spiritual growth and understanding. The pastor we seek works patiently with all ages and is a mentor to all who serve the Lord. He ministers to the ... Read More
February 29, 2016

Movie and Game Night!

The C.E. Board will be hosting a movie and game night on Sunday March 6 starting at 5:00. Please spread the word and bring a friend to the movie and game night!!! We will have pizza and refreshments at 5:00, followed by our movie for Middle school age and up, and games for the younger children. Please RSVP so we are sure to have enough pizza!!!  
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January 10, 2016

Joshua 1 | You Can’t Get There From Here

You can't get there from here” - Joshua 1, Pastor Bob Leroe, Cliftondale Congregational Church, Saugus, Massachusetts (10 Jan 2016)

Mainers like to say when giving directions, “You can't get there from here”...or more accurately, “You can't get they-ahh from hee-yahh.” The children of Israel must have thought that, journeying through the wilderness to the promised land. It had been a long, grueling journey. Someone ... Read More