Sunday School at Cliftondale Congregational Church in Saugus

Sunday School Saugus Church

Christian Education At Cliftondale Congregational – Sunday School For All Ages!

At Cliftondale Congregational Church we believe that Christian Education is essential and must be based on the Word of God and how that Word applies to our lives. We offer Sunday School programs for children, youth, and adults, which will help them to come to know God through Jesus Christ, to accept God’s love, and to grow in faith. It will teach them to know what Christ did and who Christ is. Christian Education teaches children, youth, and adults the truth of Jesus Christ.

We teach the way in which we are all supposed to live: how to treat Sunday School at Cliftondale Congregational Churchothers, how to love God and interact with Him, and Godly character and conduct. Our ultimate goal is to love the Lord our God. We try to be examples of what it means to live a life of loving and following God. We seek to model that love wherever we go. Our objective is to be consistent in teaching, instructing, and training our children, youth, and adults in the love of God. As they observe and learn the ways of God through our lives and witness God’s faithfulness to us, they will be convinced that there is no better way to live.

Christian Education is more than Sunday School; in fact, we offer many other educational programs: Music Education, Confirmation, Youth Fellowship, community service, worship, Adult Bible Studies, seminars, retreats, Pastoral instruction, activities throughout the year, and other resources.

Cliftondale Congregational Church aims to provide a safe and protective environment for all children and youth who participate in activities sponsored by the church. To that end a policy has been established for the protection of our children and youth. All adult volunteers and employees are required to allow the church to perform a reference and criminal background check (CORI).


Parents of an infant or toddler who would like to attend our Adult Sunday School class may leave their child in the Nursery Room which offers a crib, changing table, and age-appropriate toys in a Christian environment with care providers who have been CORI’d prior to the beginning of the Sunday School year.


Our Preschool Sunday School class offers an age-appropriate program where children begin the hour with 15 minutes of free play then listen to a Preschool Bible story and sing a song or two related to the story. We end the hour with a craft/activity related to the story and close in prayer.


The elementary level Sunday School classes at Cliftondale Congregational Church are designed to lay the foundation for a Christian life. Our goal is to grow a child’s understanding and experience of God through lessons taken directly from the Bible. The classes are structured to actively engage the children in the meaningfulness of God’s word. The Bible-story-based lessons include instruction in memory verses, prayers, creative crafts, games, and songs which are all geared to nurture the children’s understanding of God and God’s word. The focus is to help children grow closer to God in a fun and nurturing environment. Another added benefit is the new friendships that develop as a result of attending Sunday School.

Junior High School/High Sunday School Class

We offer Junior High class for grades 5 – 8 and a High School class for grades 9 – 12. Most of these kids have been through our whole program and are very used to each other. Our curriculum is enhanced by a Q and A format for the kids to learn and grow as we try to build upon many of the same stories that they have heard since preschool. We also use movies, slides, special speakers as well as plays or skits to get them to think about the Bible and what it says about today’s issues. The class has been a steady group of youth each week for several years now. We enjoy the group atmosphere and will welcome any new students who want to learn.

Adult Sunday School Class

The Adult class offers young and older adults an informal setting where people gather in our church parlor with coffee and Bibles to discuss how God’s word relates to today’s world. No one is obligated to say anything, but open discussion is encouraged with opportunities to ask questions and share insights from the perspective that none of us are as smart as all of us!

We invite you and your family to join us to experience God’s love at Cliftondale Congregational. Sunday School starts at 9:30am, hope to see you there!

October 27, 2016

The Shepherd We Seek at Cliftondale Congregational Church

The pastor we seek is a true disciple of Christ whose life has been forever changed by God’s Word and Holy Spirit. He has been called by God to share the words and teachings of Christ. In addition to administering baptisms and communion, and conducting weddings and funerals, he will lead us to greater spiritual growth and understanding. The pastor we seek works patiently with all ages and is a mentor to all who serve the Lord. He ministers to the ... Read More
February 29, 2016

Movie and Game Night!

The C.E. Board will be hosting a movie and game night on Sunday March 6 starting at 5:00. Please spread the word and bring a friend to the movie and game night!!! We will have pizza and refreshments at 5:00, followed by our movie for Middle school age and up, and games for the younger children. Please RSVP so we are sure to have enough pizza!!!  
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January 10, 2016

Joshua 1 | You Can’t Get There From Here

You can't get there from here” - Joshua 1, Pastor Bob Leroe, Cliftondale Congregational Church, Saugus, Massachusetts (10 Jan 2016)

Mainers like to say when giving directions, “You can't get there from here”...or more accurately, “You can't get they-ahh from hee-yahh.” The children of Israel must have thought that, journeying through the wilderness to the promised land. It had been a long, grueling journey. Someone ... Read More